Enhance Your Garden With Beautiful Edging

Adding edging around your garden or landscape is as important as the garden itself. The edging frames your garden much like a picture frame. A picture can be interesting and beautiful but it needs a frame to enhance its appearance, so it is with your garden.

There are various types of garden edgings. Many people prefer to use something heavy and permanent, like a low brick wall, or rocks set together with mortar. However, not everyone is physically capable of creating such a structure.

Bricks set freely can be just as effective. They can be placed in a simple line, end to end, or stacked in a double row, with gaps in between. They can also be set diagonally, leaning against each other for support.

Another attractive alternative is to decorate short lengths of board with old tiles. Tiles can often be purchased very cheaply from re-recycling places. Glue your choice of tile along the board using outdoor glue. On each end of the board, tack a peg with one end pointed. This will be used to push into the soil to support your board and keep it off the ground.

Bush rocks can also be used to give your garden that finished look. They need not be too big, unless you have plenty of muscle or help. You may be able to gather rocks from a friend’s farm, or from the bush if that is legal in your area. Otherwise, garden suppliers usually have plenty to choose from.

How about flowering plants or shrubbery to create a living border. Choose a plant that will be suitable for your climate and conditions. The pretty pink of alpine phlox is an attractive border and the plants can be divided and planted again and again. Many other plants can be propagated in this way, thus reducing the initial costs. Of course, your border will take a little more time to get established than if you bought all the necessary plants at once.

Gazanias are another hardy border plant that can be divided many times. Bulbs might seem like a good choice too, but remember that they will die down and leave your borders looking messy for ages. In addition, they remain dormant for at least six months, so if you plant anything else there you risk damaging the bulbs. Of course, you can dig them up and replace them with something else, but you may prefer a more permanent border edge to save on the workload.

If you have a larger garden, comfrey is a plant to consider using for an edging plant. Its thick growth habit will prevent any grasses intruding into the garden, and the leaves can be pulled for excellent mulch around roses or other plants. It has delightful, dainty flowers in season too. However, a small garden could be overwhelmed by more than one comfrey plant.

In a small garden attractive annuals like sweet alice, pansies, violas or petunias make great borders. For something a bit different, try an herb border. Then you can go out and pick your herbs any time you want. Chives have a crisp green color that would make your garden sparkle while strawberries will entice the kids out into the fresh air to have a healthy snack.

Some people prefer to simply bevel an edge around their garden with the shovel. This is a good option if your lawn has the sort of grass with runners, like kikuyu. Those runners can be kept under control by chopping them off every so often with the edge of the shovel.

Whatever option you choose, it will enhance your garden to have a beautiful edging. For more ideas on creating a border for your garden, visit the links at the bottom of the page.

Home Improvements – Questions And Answers

When considering home improvements, it is important to ask family members for their opinions. So, how do you evaluate the answers?

Typical Discoveries

Talking with family members about home improvements will lead to surprising answers. You and your husband each have times you need to be alone (computer work, business planning), and times you need to be alone together (initial discussions about family plans, a new job, the budget, travel, etc.). This varies by age of course, but children have similar needs for being alone, alone with friends and with the family. There are times you and your husband will decide the children need your supervision no matter what their preferences.


After discussions and interviews with family members, you are ready to map out a plan for how the various areas of the house are to be used. Do the initial plan and then discuss it with your husband or wife. Dont discuss it with the children until the two of you are pretty much in agreement.

Obviously, tastes are specific to individual people. You and your husband must come to an agreement based on the following considerations:

1. Theme Are you going with a particular atmosphere or style?

2. Costs What do you want to do versus what can you afford?

3. Value How much will the improvements impact the value of your home?

Once youve hashed through these issues, youll be ready to move forward with your plans. Then its time for the two of you to go over it with the children.

Children obviously can have some outlandish ideas about what would look cool in a home. While you may balk at such suggestions, it is important to include your kids in the process. A happy medium can be allowing children a lot of latitude when it comes to their rooms. In reality, their rooms are homes within homes and they feel comfortably in them. Dont worry, you can paint them after the kids leave home or before you sell it.

Planning home improvements can be a bit bewildering. Make sure to include your family in the discussion so you get a result everyone feels good about.

How Interior Designers In Bangalore Can Change Your Property Value

How Interior Designers In Bangalore Can Change Your Property Value

With property prices reaching new limits in Bangalore, there is nothing like investments that are made at the moment. Most home and commercial property owners are looking for fetching good prices for their premises, flats and offices after a point, which even calls for meticulous planning in advance. Appreciatively, interior designers in Bangalore are available in plenty, and if you can choose the right one, things can change in many ways for your property.

Add the right space value

No matter whether you are using a home or office for your own use or intend to be in the business of getting and selling property, interior experts and architects in Bangalore are crucial. They are the experts who understand the space requirements and work in a customized manner with clients to bring in elements that work for utilization of limited area. After all, no one expects to be bogged down with clutter rooms and spaces.

Add to the property price

A planned property that has the right inputs from an architect and the balance of elements will easily fetch a better price when you decide to sell it off. Bangalore, despite the growing number of societies, flats and apartments, has been a phenomenal metro where you can get and design any kind of property with the right investment. As such, when you really wish the house or office to be balanced for selling, an architect and his expertise can come quite handy.

Make the right savings

Not sure where to get the price for the property? Wondering on how to manage the costs of hiring interior designers in Mumbai? There are some great insider things to consider. First and foremost is the price, which is often taken in the wrong way. Keep in mind that designing mistakes in any property may mean a lot of additional expenses and redesigning costs. With interior designers and architects in Bangalore, you are most likely to avoid that. Also, if you hire the entire team together, you are more likely to spend a lot less.

Add the professional touch

Whether it is about getting the right design for the bedroom or seeking help on Vaastu in the office, interior designers are great ways to add the professional touch to properties. They know the right resources and where you can get things within budget, and yet they add that ‘x’ factor to every project they undertake.

Having said all of the above, it is equally vital to take the right step in hiring these experts. With limited companies to doing justice to their work, it’s best to go by portfolio and get a free consultation with the right people for getting value for money services.

Kapil Agrawal is fascinated with home decor and interior designing and is always finding new ways of adding a touch of beauty and glamour to home decor, living room etc. Author has written several articles on architects in Bangalore and interior designers in Bangalore etc.